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Get your sites ready for the Wi-Fi 6 rollout with updated Access Points and routers or simply get a site survey done so that you know what your deployment schedule should be.


In today’s wireless-critical enterprise environment, your WLAN design has to deliver. Using Gyver’s proprietary technology, you can now validate high-density environments prior to go-live.


Everything from robots to phones, thermostats, RFID scanners and surveillance cameras are pinging your access points. Due to the many IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected wirelessly to your network, your Wi-Fi is more saturated than ever.

No matter what your wireless networking needs are, you can rely on Gyver for expert guidance and smart infrastructure designs that can be combined into fast and secure connections for you and your teams.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Next generation technology doesn't always mix well with past-gen clients, and signals can degrade from near-band interference, building structure, rogue devices, and installer error. If your WLAN is giving your users fits, bring in our team for a survey and consult. 

You'll have the comfort of knowing that our years of experience of WLAN engineering and troubleshooting is at your service. You'll know what is happening and why. Plus you'll get a smart plan to move forward.

Flexible Solutions

Every client and environment is different, so you need a partner who has experience across a host of different networks and is familiar with each one. 

Some situations require that we perform on-site analysis to identify key issues; at other times, client environments can be simulated in our lab to provide controlled testing of a particular application or scenario, allowing us to continue to troubleshoot an issue without tying up client resources onsite.

Wireless dropouts

Wireless bottlenecks

Security issues, including those involving WPA, WPA2, Pre-shared keys, 802.1x, and 802.11i.

Identification and mitigation of sources of interference

Documentation of WLANs prior to redesign for cases where no wireless survey was performed or the infrastructure has changed, thereby allowing you to reuse existing access points

Quality of service (QoS) requirements and configuration

Industry-specific applications that use wireless, such as a mobile diagnostic apps in a hospital setting

Configuration and health checks of individual access point radios, including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Firetide, HP, Juniper, Ruckus, Brocade, and more

Configuration of wireless controllers for optimal performance under specific use conditions (e.g., a controller should be configured one way for a school and differently for a warehouse)

Why Do A Wi-Fi
Site Survey?

Don't leave your connectivity up to chance. A Gyver Networks wireless site survey empowers you to allocate your wireless resources in the most efficient configuration possible. Get maximum Wi-Fi coverage without the later need to redeploy access points due to improper placement. Our wireless site survey report provides a comprehensive assessment of your wireless network’s strengths and deficiencies in such vital areas as spectrum usage and interference, security, administration, and monitoring, even including such ancillary factors as structural material analysis and other environmental variables.

Roadmap for

Whether you are rolling out a wireless solution over several years, or need it installed next month, a Wi-Fi site survey will very quickly tell you what you need to reach your goal. Without a Wi-Fi survey, you are left to guess what is needed - not a good way to plan or budget.

Site Surveys Save Money

When you figure in the cost of cable, installation, switch port, wireless device, configuration time, and other factors, installing unneeded Wi-Fi devices is expensive and counterproductive. A wireless site survey will tell you exactly where and how many devices will need to be installed to accomplish what you need. With site surveys being as inexpensive as they are, your upfront cost will save you greatly over time.

Guarantee Happiness

Well, at least with your wireless solution! Your users will not shy away from telling you your Wi-Fi is inadequate. All too often our technicians are called in to perform a site survey after a wireless installation - to fix issues caused by improper deployment. Now, more wires have to be run, Wi-Fi access points have to be bought or discarded, and users get more and more irritated. The old expression applies here: measure twice, cut once. A Wi-Fi survey performed before the installation will guarantee users get what they expect.

Avoid Destructive Noise

Many wireless installers will simply overestimate how many Wi-Fi devices are needed. However, this has a very negative effect on your RF environment. With all these devices transmitting, even at a lower power, the RF environment is very loud. Your users may see “full-signal,” but will be slowed down greatly.

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Designing In Building Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Nearly everyone understands that the old requirement of actual ethernet-connected network clients is well behind the current state of affairs. But with the rise of the BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) workplace, how can you ensure that each wireless client has ample bandwidth and sustained secure connectivity? Gyver has the answers. Regardless of your facility’s layout, structural components, environmental interference, and user demand, we can formulate the ideal implementation to satisfy your wireless requirements.

Some of the services we offer include:

Design and upgrading of conventional 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n Wi-Fi networks

In-building cellular network enhancements such as femtocell and FMC (fixed-mobile convergence) solutions

Switched beam, adaptive array, MIMO, beam-forming, adaptive beam-forming, and self-healing mesh network implementations

Rise of IoT


Roving exam carts and lifesaving equipment require constant clean and secure bandwidth.


Robots are restocking shipping racks, and mobile scanners are maintaining inventory


Just-in-Time manufacturing is requiring every part, every machine, every operator to be in the loop.


Keep up with ID Badges, thermostats & lighting, plus personalized VIP treatments.

Wi-Fi Capacity Testing

What is the IP traffic profile of your users? Do they rely on a custom software solution, web services, VoIP, video? How many users do you expect to be concentrated in your high-density spaces? From executive conference rooms, to live musical performance spaces, WiCAP can emulated the traffic profile and client densities expected. Using individual nodes with wireless NICs, WiCAP is able to validate the wireless experience prior to critical go-live.

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Gyver Technologies Senior Engineer Bill Bushong performs high density WLAN validation in a live music performance space.