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Cellular Engineering

With more connected devices than ever before, in-building cell signal matters. Whether you are implementing a security plan for a school or just making sure your remote workers can be productive, Gyver can engineer a solution for your unique needs.

Enterprise Class

Solutions for Companies of Any Size

Top-line schools and major corporations take student and employee safety very seriously. That's why they ask Gyver to deliver blanketed cell-signal in every corner of their facilities. Whether in the office, dormitories, dining hall, or gym, they don’t worry that a 911 call won’t get through or that an emergency alert will be missed.

Next-generation Cellular is Here

New 5G devices are coming to your network sooner rather than later, so get ahead of the BYOD curve by supporting the channel before requests come piling in.

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Cell Repeaters & Amplifiers

We use high-density, hardwired routers at 400G and Open API automation along with top-flight WAP hardware to give you super-fast connections that won't compromise your OpSec or OpEx.

Network Problems

Cell providers are playing catch-up with the increased demand for connectivity. They simply aren't putting up enough broadcast towers and stations to accommodate the new reality that even watches are pinging their network constantly.

Structural Interference

From metal roofs and ducting to adjacent-channel interference to bermuda-triangle cellular holes, many signal issues are simply a result of structural and system issues. That doesn't mean you can't improve and even amplify a cell signal.

We Ensure Connectivity

Gyver understands the frustration of signal problems. We offer a wide array of cellular amplification technologies that can ensure connectivity is available when your users need it most. We'll create a solution custom to your needs and environment.

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Gyver Controller Analysis Tool - Overview


911 Works

It's not breaking news that fewer and fewer households rely on landlines for any communication. This creates a big problem for 911 and emergency call-centers who need to be able to geo-locate an emergency call. Wi-Fi calling typically routes to the nearest IP block, which could be miles away, and if you use a VPN, could be on the wrong side of the state.

A cellular amplification or repeating solution can mitigate that risk for all carriers. Whether you are managing mission-critical connections for your executive team, remote workers, or a builder adding value to your projects, Let a Gyver Signal package help you keep your comms online.

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All Carriers Work

Gyver Signal solutions can work for every carrier because they repeat or amplify the towers around your location for everyone in the house. Contact us today to get started strengthening your signal.

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