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Gyver has been providing smart technologies, fast connections, and secure network designs for years and we aren’t slowing down. We remain focused on equipping clients with technologies that deliver even better solutions: even Smarter, even Faster, even more Secure.

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Wireless Design & Troubleshooting

Whether you need to connect multiple buildings via a Point to Point communications, amplify cellular connectivity for your buildings or create a fast but locked-down WLAN environment, Gyver has a custom solution that will work for you and your team, and we're ready to help you support 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

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Wi-Fi Capacity Testing

In today’s wireless-critical enterprise environment, your WLAN design has to deliver. You hope you’ve done your due diligence prior to that first high density executive meeting in the conference room. Will your design and deployment truly hold up once the site goes live? In comes Gyver Technologies WiCAP (WLAN Infrastructure Capacity validation service). Using Gyver’s proprietary technology, you can now validate high-density environments prior to go-live.

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Everything from robots to phones, thermostats, RFID scanners and surveillance cameras are pinging your access points. Due to the many IoT (Internet of Things) devices connected wirelessly to your network, your Wi-Fi is more saturated than ever.

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Gyver Controller Analysis Tool - Overview


Wi-Fi and Cellular Engineering

PtP, 5G Cellular and Wi-Fi 6? Sure. 

Gyver can help you streamline your network to get more granular control, more agility, and more insights into your user and density demands. Using the latest gear, you can build an intent-based infrastructure to transform your business and overcome your most challenging user environments.